Monday, August 29, 2005

Win a River, Lose the Sea

"The campaigns of Emperor Wu of the Han dragged on with no result and after the treasury was emptied he issued an mournful edict"
-Chang Yu

Playing very badly from the start in my second lesson with my professional Go teacher Li Ang Lao Shi 3P, I began to try to find life in a group on the left side. After easily killing the group, he demonstrated proper technique. The question which followed was:
Me: Can Black Live?
Li Lao Shi(3p): Yes. But Life not Equal Win

In Go and life it is important to take a step back and ask, "Is this battle worth
winning?" In Go directly, I find that I waste too many stones securing a single
group, waking up to the fact that I have given away the entire board for a small
mound of territory. There is a great quote from Sun Tzu in this matter, but I
choosen to save it for another day.

Obviously, that is not the actual game that we played at the top, but it gets across
what it is like to play him. I have a deep respect for masters of any great art, and feel
very fortunate to play a game against a Chinese Pro Player. I just wish he didn't
kill everything

Li Ang Lao Shi teaches on KGS as Lyonweiqi. Look up his profile on KGS. For lessons, bear in
mind the time difference between China and, say, the United States. (exactly 12 hours from my location)


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