Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Go Master

There has been a lot of web chatter recently about the release of the film, The Go Master, about the life of Wu Qingyuan (Go Seigen). [not to be confused with the older, Go Masters, film] Throughout forums and blogs, Go players and fans are searching for a Region 1 version of the DVD. At this time, only a Region 3 (Asian Encoding) is available. I contacted Fortissimo films, the distributor of the film, to find out if a Region 1 encoding was soon to be released. Sadly, an email sent to an office in the United States and two other countries were all ignored. is also listed as a distributor, but also does not have a release date for the Region 1 encoding of the film. It could be possible that will release a Region 1 version for their members and Fortissimo will wait and measure the success of the film in Asia to decide if a Region 1 version is warranted. For now, the Region 3 encoding is available both through and Yesasia also has a VCD which will play on most DVD players. If you would like to save yourself future trouble, purchase a region free DVD player, buy the Region 3 version of the film, and next time you won't have to wait.

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