Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tribute to My First Escaper

After a few days without a game of Go, I was ready to return and have a weekend full of games. I started around 2:00 am on friday night, and it didn't go well. My first opponent resigned after only 5 moves, which then, didn't count. My second found himself in a tough spot, made a big mistake, and then, at that moment, extreme sleepiness overcame him and he wanted to retire for the night. What he did not want to do was Resign the game. I have never had an escaper before, given that I am always behind, and nobody would escape a won game. So here is my tribute to Josemanuel , de Chile, my first escaper:

Artwork from Charles Keegan gallery, which I have altered to suit my purpose, given the depth and meaning of the painting. The Brazilian and Chilean flags, along with the title, were added by me. To appreciate the true work and his others, please click his name for the gallery.


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