Sunday, November 20, 2005

Down from the Mountain

My first game back took place against Moscowvip (24k) on the Orobaduk server. I immediatley noticed how different my playing style is. Each stone had a little more thought and an intended purpose (not that each stone was placed where it should have been, but at least I thought it should go there and had a reason for it). The game might have been closer if I had any invasion or contact fighting skills, but given that I do not, I was left with only Reduction as a fighting tool.

The game ended at 98 to 67, the victory going to Moscowvip. I was happy with my play after such a long break, and starting off so mediocre in the past made a small improvement much easier. Though my opponent was a 24k on the Orobaduk server, my guess is that the Orobaduk 24k is roughly equal to a 29k on KGS. I am barely 29k, if not 30k, on KGS and lost by only 27 with no handicap. This would make sense when also taking into consideration that Orobaduk ratings start at 25k. I have learned a little about shape from Joseki and think it is time to finally start learning the art of contact fighting. No matter how the remainder of my games go this weekend, it is good to be back to playing, learning, losing, and wondering if I will ever get better.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger ChiyoDad said...

CyberOro and DashN are challenging places to play for those of us in the West. The gup ranks there do not correspond well to the kyu ranks on KGS and IGS. Besides the fact that the ranks on CyberOro start at 25, you should keep in mind that their ranks are probably 3 stones stronger than at KGS (perhaps more).

I had exchanged notes with one European player who's been successful on the Korean servers. I'll blog about it sometime but his counsel was to continue training on KGS where I could get lessons and reviews. He did share some advice on how to play better on DashN after I improve on KGS.

Take it easy on yourself and accept the fact that it will take time to get back into the game. Look at how my rank fluctuated and dropped after a 3-week break. Believe me, there were moments frustration.

Relax and just enjoy the games! Progress will come.


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