Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dragon Go Server Monitor App

For those of you that haven't played a game on the Dragon Go Server, it is a turn-based server that works much like an email based system would work. There is a graphic interface on the website that both players view and make their moves with. The difference between this and other servers is that either player may be on at separate times. Black may make a move early on Monday, at which time the server will leave a notification for White that it is his turn. Later that day, White will play. These games can have a time limit of many months.
To find out if it is your turn, you must either check your email or log onto the site and check. Thanks to user Coljac this is no longer necessary. He has created an application that will notify that user in how many games it is their turn from their desktop, without signing into email or the Dragon Server Website.




At 12:27 PM, Anonymous Kelsin said...

That apps looks very cool. You can also use any RSS feeder to see when you have moves waiting as well. Helps if you already use a rss feed reader :)


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