Tuesday, November 22, 2005

win... lose.. or DRAW?!?

scene from the film 2ldk

While on Dashn I received a challenge from HJS3689 (28k) with no handicap. On Dashn, even the 30k players beat me down to a pulp of Go stone dust, but since the challenger selected a "fun" game, I decided it could be a good losing experience, I mean, learning experience. I was very surprised when we reached the heart of the middle game and the score was about even (by my very unskilled judgement). During two small skirmishes, my opponent overlooked his liberty count and I killed two small groups, taking the lead. All was well, but in the back of my mind i repeated, "you need to secure the top right group... you need to...." Well, I didn't.... and he killed it, negating my lead. At the end of the game I couldn't tell who was ahead. When the score was tallied, it said.... A DRAW!!??! Shock! Horror! (yes, I have been watching British movies.) Evidentally my opponent had removed the komi, making a draw possible. I hate ties. I can't stand watching a 2 hour futebol match that ends in a 1-1 tie. I like even less playing a long game of Go that ends a draw. Pluh!
I was happy to obtain a draw against a 28k Dashn player. We will have to see if I could do the same in a contended match.


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